Airbrush Tans by Infinity Sun

Airbrush tans by Stacy....Please contact Stacy with any questions about airbrush tans.  309-319-0143.  
OUR AIRBRUSH TANS ARE THE BEST IN TOWN!!!  We use an awesome system called Infinity Sun.  Check them out online if you aren't sure about trying this!
Our airbrush tans are $36.00  The Bronze spray is an all-natural, anti-aging sunless tanner made with antioxidants and pure botanicals, leaving the skin radiant with a natural-looking, golden brown glow. Containing a cosmetic bronzer derived from walnut extracts, our bronzing solution delivers immediate results but continues to develop for 12 hours. The bronzer will wash off during the first shower.
We offer a normalizing treatment for an extra $8.00.  The normalizer is a fine blend of exotic aloes which assists in hydrating porous areas of the body. This product enables the sunless tanning solution to penetrate uniformly into the skin, resulting in a longer-lasting more even sunless tan. This product should be applied immediately before sunless tanning on low and should be dry before applying the sunless tanner.
We also offer an Anti-Aging treatment for an extra $8.00.  The anti-aging treatment is a skin rejuvenating treatment made with exotic plant extracts, antioxidants and botanicals to uncover the skin's natural radiance. This treatment is ideal for use after sunless tanning sessions. It can also be used as a treatment on dry skin or skin that is lacking in collagen to revive the elasticity and firm the skin with its tightening attributes.
Brandi from the Real Housewives uses Infinity Sun for all her red carpet events!
***NEW*** now offering the new Glow Powder for after your session!  $8  This miracle powder helps zap the stickiness from the bronzing solution and keeps the transfer onto clothing to a minimum!!  The powder is paraben free and worth the little extra!  Smells amazing too!!  
Stacy does ALL of our airbrushing here at girl Friday, so once you're comfortable with her, you won't have to worry about getting comfortable with another person.  There are always a lot of questions about this process, so here's some information for you!

Important Tips for Flawless Infinity Sun Airbrush Tan


How do I prepare before the session?

  • Exfoliate! 24 hours prior to your appointment, clear away any dry, dead skin cells with a gentle exfoliating scrub.  
  • Avoid using bar soaps, high pH shower products, or in-shower moisturizers. These products can neutralize the DHA bronzing reaction within the skin.
  • Avoid using Dove Soap or Lotion.  These products leave film on your skin which causes uneven blotch tan result.
  • Any waxing or shaving should be completed 24 hours prior to the session.
  • The day of the session, do not apply anything to the skin that may act as a barrier between the sunless solution and the skin. No lotions, creams or perfumes prior to the session. Use deodorant sparingly.
  • Remove any make-up prior to sunless application.
  • Wear loose fitting dark clothing and remove jewelry. Tight clothing can rub or smear bronzers: especially around the knees, elbows and waist.

What do I wear during the session

  • Your custom airbrush service will be performed by a qualified technician. You may wear underwear or a bathing suit.  Many women wear nothing at all to avoid tan lines. We are professionals, so it's up to you what your comfort level is.
  • Do not wear silk, satin or nylon as the solution may stain these fabrics. Older undergarments are best, as the bronzer could stain.  It is a water soluble substance though, so should wash out. 


  • The following products will lighten or make an airbrush tan spotty:

    Dove soap and Dove products                 
    Hair thinning lotion or removing lotion
    Anti-aging products or AHA’s
    Beta Hydroxy Acids-salicylic acid
    Retin-A type products (Retin-A, Renova, Tazorac, Tretinoin)
    Toners containing alcohols or witch hazel
    Anti-acne products(Accutane, salicylic acid)
    Facial masks and scrubs
    Pore cleansing facial strips
    Wax depilatories
    Depilatory products
    Bleach products for body hair
  • How fast will my tan develop?
    • Tan continues to develops for  the next 6-8 hours after an airbrush tan session. 
    • Wait at least 8 hours before taking shower.  If you can, wait until the next morning for a longer lasting tan result.
    • Do not put anything on your skin until AFTER your shower.  Once you've showered you'll want to MOISTURIZE!!  Drink extra water and keep your skin hydrated!  This will lengthen the life of your tan.