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Do you LOVE the skin you're in?  There are days I really dislike the skin I'm in!!!  The actual skin, the inside, the outside, the decisions, the faults, etc...  Sometimes it's really difficult to see the good and recognize the beauty.  It's easier just to beat myself up.  

In this industry, we meet all sorts of people.  And we hear all of their stories!!  It helps me realize that my life is not any more chaotic or undetermined than that next person.  Survivors of all sorts walk through the doors and share little excerpts of their life with us.  What a blessing to be a small part of each of these lives.  

Just wanted to write this short blog to touch base with all of you.  We are here for you!  Let us help you feel beautiful, even on those real ugly days.  It always helps to get a little color on your skin, hair or nails when you've got the blues.  Just having another human listen to you without judgement could be a real pick me up!  We'll be your stylists and your therapist here at girl Friday.  That's what we do!!  



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