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Hi Everyone!!

I haven't written a blog or updated this website in FOREVER!!  I aplogize!   Just been incredibly, awesomely, blesedly  (yep I'm making up words) busy!!   I was introduced to a new obsession called LimeLight by Alcone.   It happened so naturally that I didn't even know what I had gotten into.   It's a funny story really.   I had a client in my airbrush room standing stark naked.   She started making small talk about this product she'd been using.    Before I knew it I had samples in hand and I fell head over heels in love!!  The idea of skin care that was all natural, cruelty free, leaping bunny certified, and made my skin feel freaking amazing was incredible to me.   And the price point of the line was spot on!  I COULD AFFORD IT!!!!   Yippeeeee.  

Next she showed me the make up.   I did't need any make up.  I had literally a closet full! Honestly I didn't even want to see the make up.  I was just being nice. (Sorry Kate) Before I knew it I purchased the perfect mascara.   I HAD to take it home with me THAT DAY!!!  Like I couldn't live without it....EVER!   Within a week I had decided in my mind that I wanted to become a beauty guide.   But did I have time?  Did I have the energy?  What would everyone think?  Am I getting into that yucky direct sales thing?   Can I even sell this stuff?  yes, yes I can!!  Once I got my starter kit (which was a few months later), I made a decision to jump in.  I was going for it!!  I wanted everyone to experience these amazing products with me.   I wanted to introduce the culture of LimeLight by Alcone to everyone that I know!  I'm so very thankful that I did.   I have met some wonderful people.  I have a feeling we will be lifelong friends.   So much to learn.  I can't wait!!!  And back to the products!!!   I have skin like I haven't had in years.   My make up I wear with confidence each day.   I'm in love with the products and the possibilities of my future in this company.   I can't wait to share more with you as this venture goes on!   EEK!!  Excited.  This is where we stand as of July 2016...Our company made almost 1 million dollars this month!!!!  1 million in 1 month....hoping we make it!!  and we've grown 900% since last year at this time.   I can't wait to see what this next year brings!

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