Woo Wee, another year!!

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Happy 2015 to everyone!!  girl Friday will be 5 years old this January.  I've been waiting for this magical 5 years for quite some time now.  I remember my accountant telling me I would make NO MONEY the first 5 years!!  That was a scary statistic!  So, now I'm ready to start bringing in the BENJAMINS!!  Ha!  Just kidding.  

I do want to take this time to thank all of my clients that have stuck with me all these years!  From selling jewels out of Prenzler Dr. in the dining room, to having countless trunk shows in your living rooms or places of business.   Then coming to bug-a-boo baby to look at bags, baby items and State Street Design jewelry  (thank you Dana Rainwater!!)  Then my tiny studio on Main Street.  Wow, when I set that up and started working by appointment I figured no-one would ever come.  But then you did!! I was thrilled to have been able to make a modest living making jewelry for some amazing women!  I met lifelong friends through that venture and those were some of the best times of my career.  And finally came girl Friday.   My sister and I came up with this idea together.  We started looking for the perfect place to execute our plan.  We found 412 E. Front St., signed the lease and opened up within a month!!!  CRAZY!!!  and fun!  and exciting! and did I mention CRAZY!!!????  

We worked through the newborn stage of having a business.  Staying up all night to plan, and paint, and decorate.  Working on adrenaline alone due to lack of sleep.  Coming to work un-showered and tired looking because we had been up all night trying to figure out how to grow this newborn business.  Then we grew as a team and added new stylists.  Some stayed forever, and some came and went.  I consider those our toddler years.  Testing the waters...seeing if we're ready to crawl, walk or run.  There were days we all felt tested.  We all had tantrums.  We cried and laughed together.  We built a team and we built friendships.  We created an environment that was fun for us and for our clients.  We talked and told secrets and made memories!!  We learned.  We absorbed.  We put our name on the map!  

That's my little trip down memory lane... Style challenge, B104 giveaway, halloween, 2 blokes and a bus, and many more!!!  We've had some great times!!

Now we're 5 years OLD!!  Starting to mature. (mostly)  We still have plenty to improve on.  And I don't expect to make my first million this year, BUT we're still here.  And I feel pretty darn proud of that.  Cheers to another year in the books!!  

Love to you all!!


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